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Advancing A Legacy

How Fearless Love Began

Fearless Love is a ministry that was founded in 2013 by Jay Crenshaw, a compassionate man with a deep calling to serve the often overlooked Muslim refugee population in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area. Jay's heart burned with a desire to not only meet their physical needs by providing food and resources but also to introduce them to the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. His ultimate goal was to offer them the true Bread of Life, ensuring that their spiritual hunger would be satisfied forever.

In April of 2023, Jay Crenshaw passed away, leaving behind a legacy of love and a vision to plant churches throughout Dallas and the DFW community. At Fearless Love, it is our heartfelt mission to honor Jay's memory by wholeheartedly pursuing his vision. We are committed to carrying on his passion for reaching Muslims with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and to see reproducing churches established throughout the region, as well as in the Middle East. With grateful hearts and unwavering dedication, we press on to fulfill Jay's vision and extend the fearless love of Christ to all those in need.

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"If You Reach Them Here, You'll Reach Them There"

At Fearless Love, we firmly believe in the profound impact of reaching out to Muslim refugee families in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area. Jay, the founder of our ministry, often emphasized the significance of this work by stating, "If you reach them here, you will reach them there." Many of these families have experienced the heartbreaking separation from their loved ones and communities in their home nations. However, when they encounter the life-transforming message of Jesus Christ, their hearts are stirred with a desire to share this good news with their families back home.

Driven by this vision, Fearless Love is actively involved in supporting and nurturing house-church plants with Muslim-background believers in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and beyond. Our focus extends beyond the immediate impact in DFW, as we envision the multiplication of hundreds of churches in the coming decade. By empowering and equipping these believers to become leaders, we aim to establish a network of reproducing churches that will bring hope and salvation to their home nations. Together, we are dedicated to seeing lives transformed, families reunited, and communities impacted with the fearless love of Christ across borders.

Working Backwards From Church Planting

At Fearless Love, planting churches is our primary goal. Everything we do is aimed at starting a house-church movement across the globe until there is #NoPlaceLeft.

Here's how that happens...

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Discipleship is our goal. We know that for some, evangelism and outreach may be somewhat new and fearful. That's why we've put together training programs to help equip churches, home groups, and individuals to be able to share their faith with courage and confidence. 

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In order to establish churches among unreached communities, we need to be sharing our faith. Though our entry point is a resource ministry (food, jobs, vehicles, household items, etc), our aim with this resource ministry is to share the gospel and evangelize our neighbors. 

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As we see refugee families come to the knowledge of Christ, we have a discipleship program dedicated to raising up leaders within these communities, and equipping them to evangelize their own communities, as well as host home-church Bible studies in hopes of drawing others to Christ, and reproducing the model.

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Measuring Eternal Impact

A glimpse of the fruit that we've seen through our efforts


Believers Trained


New Believers

Gospel Shares



Discipleship Groups




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Integrity With Resources

As a partner-funded ministry, Fearless Love is dedicated to transparency and integrity with the resources provided. 100% of the in-kind donations (food, furniture, household items, etc.) are given directly to families in need, both locally and globally. Also, we are committed to excellence, honesty, and Biblical stewardship when it comes to financial contributions. 

Core Beliefs

At Fearless Love, we recognize the importance of partnering with individuals and organizations who share our unwavering commitment to caring for Muslim refugees through the lens of Biblical principles. We firmly believe that our ministry partners should align with us on central issues pertaining to the Christian faith. By standing united in our beliefs, we can approach our mission with a unified purpose and effectiveness.

Central to our core beliefs is the transformative power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe in the authority of the Bible as the inspired Word of God, guiding our actions and shaping our understanding of God's heart for the marginalized and vulnerable. We hold fast to the fundamental truths of Christianity, including salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone, and the commission to share the hope of Christ with all people. Together, with our like-minded partners, we are dedicated to extending compassionate care and sharing the love of Christ with Muslim refugees, empowering them to experience hope, healing, and a future filled with purpose.

A Firm Foundation

Jesus Came To Set Captives Free

"He has anointed Me To preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives..." (Luke 4:18)

At Fearless Love, we are motivated by the desire to introduce Muslim refugees to the life-changing truth of the free gift of salvation. We believe that through faith in Jesus Christ, the chains of bondage are broken, and individuals are released from the burdens of striving for acceptance through works. Our ministry is dedicated to sharing the good news, offering hope, and extending the love of Christ to those trapped in spiritual slavery. Through the liberating message of the gospel, we witness lives transformed and hearts set free to embrace the abundant life that comes from knowing Jesus Christ.

God's Word Is The Foundation To A Joy-Filled Life

"All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work." (2 Timothy 3:16)

At Fearless Love, we firmly believe that every principle, method, and motivation within our ministry stems from a deep reverence for and adherence to the teachings of God's Word. We recognize that a life dedicated to submission and obedience to God's Word leads to the fullest expression of joy. As we engage with Muslim refugees and share the love of Christ, we do so with a commitment to grounding our approach in the truths of God's Word. By relying on the Scriptures as our foundation, we strive to ensure that our ministry is guided by divine wisdom, bringing hope, transformation, and ultimately, a joy-filled life found in surrender to God's Word alone.

The Great Commission Is For Everyone

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you." (Matthew 28:18-20)

At Fearless Love, our commitment extends to equipping and training all believers to actively engage in the Great Commission. We understand the importance of providing discipleship tools and resources that empower individuals to grow in their knowledge of God's Word, share their faith boldly, and contribute to the planting of reproducing churches within Muslim communities.

By embracing the truth that the Great Commission is for everyone, rather than a recommendation reserved for evangelists alone, we foster a culture of active participation in advancing the Kingdom of God. Through training, mentoring, and ongoing support, we seek to empower all believers to become effective witnesses, disciple-makers, and leaders within their communities.

Our Leadership

We are a committed family aimed at fulfilling a vision to plant reproducing churches across the globe until there is #NoPlaceLeft.

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